Top 10 Reasons to Choose a Voice over IP Solution from BitWare Technologies

  1. Save money on implementation and continuing cost of ownership.

  2. Reduce or eliminate overseas dialing charges to your international locations.

  3. Eliminate interoffice dialing costs.

  4. Leverage your existing data infrastructure to connect multiple sites and users to one phone system.

  5. Implement leading edge technology to the delight of your employees and customers generating greater productivity, saving you money and generating additional revenues.

  6. Receive a full featured PBX solution at a reasonable cost.

  7. Build a multimedia data solution that handles all of your voice, fax, and video conferencing needs.

  8. Work with experienced IT professionals, versed in data networking and voice solutions that are dedicated to making your technology vision a reality.

  9. Integrate custom software solutions into your new Asterisk based VoIP phone system, further enhancing and personalizing the system to your business needs.

  10. Cut the strings to your old phone system provider and costly support fees, freeing revenues for your business.